How do you keep track of your ad placements?
Are you aware of your competitor's marketing strategies?

Adclip monitors ads in over 2400 South African print and digital publications.

Tracking your ads, verifying that they have been placed correctly and staying up-to-date with what is happening in your industry has never been this easy.

Through Adclip you can determine a strategic advantage by effectively keeping track of your advertising campaigns, as well as those of other brands.

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The Adclip application delivers a bespoke advertising monitoring service.

Ad Verifier

Ad Verifier

Check that your ads have been placed correctly, according to your placement schedule. At the same time ensuring trademark protection, that franchises are adhering to the correct brand messaging and tracking ad replication.

Ad Tracker

Ad Tracker

Gain insight into how your competitors are advertising, the media channels they are using and their ad spend. Keep up to speed with news in your industry, such as new products and services, price benchmarks, competitor strategies, and market analysis.


  • Meta Data


  • Powerful Search


  • Data

  • Data

Meta Data

The interactive application displays the allocated ads in full colour, including advertising value, and a visual indication of the placement within a 2-page spread.

Powerful Searching

Powerful searching capabilities allow users to search for specific adverts by keyword and filters.

Data Export

Compatibility with MS Excel allows data to be easily exported for analysis or reporting.

Data Management

The application gives users the flexibility to seamlessly manage their data by adding Sortbins as required; while the drag and drop feature allows for easy and quick distribution of ads to multiple Sortbins.