Monitor your advertisements. Uncover competitor strategies.

The advert monitoring service that tracks print publications in South Africa and other African countries.

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Adclip is a solution for:

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Use our online platform to check that your adverts were published and placed correctly.

Give feedback to clients with our auto-generated instant reports.


— See how your competitors are advertising to uncover their marketing and ad strategies.

— Check whether your partners and the media are using your branding correctly.

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Ad placement

We show you your placed adverts so you can verify that they were published correctly.

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Competitor advert

We track your competitor’s adverts to help you gain insight into their marketing strategies.

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We monitor print media for your logos. You’ll see where they appear and if they follow your brand guidelines.


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Online platform

See your advert, and where it has been placed, in clear resolution.

View detailed metadata about every ad, including the advertising value.

Export your data to a spreadsheet to analyse your data.

Email alerts

— Receive notifications as soon as a relevant advert is available.

— Add multiple emails to your alerts list.

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Instant reports

Generate statistical reports at the click of a button, including Overview, Listing, Metadata and Multiple Read reports.

Tailor your report package according to your requirements.

Advert ebook

— Present published adverts to your clients or team in a personalised ebook.

— Have your ebook automatically created to make reporting on advertising campaigns effortless.

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About Us:

Adclip is an advertising monitoring service that tracks over 2 400 print publications in South Africa and other African countries. This provides our clients with a comprehensive view of their adverts and those of their competitors.

Established in 1996 by Newsclip Media Monitoring, Adclip has evolved into a service that automatically processes adverts at high speeds. We use image recognition technology that relies on artificial intelligence for accurate logo identification.

Our clients get around-the-clock monitoring of their adverts, with full access to their data through Adclip’s web-based platform.